Optical Design

With education in Optical Engineering from the world-renowned University of Rochester and more than 20 years experience in the field, we utilize our knowledge and tools, such as ZEMAX-EE optical design software and Radiant Imaging’s Pro-Source, to design optical systems for our customers.

We provide the following optical design services:

  • Design of optical testing or imaging apparatus, using sequential or non-sequential raytracing
  • Design of Illumination systems, including faceted reflectors and projectors
  • Tolerancing of existing optical designs, including thermal, mechanical, alignment, etc.
  • Use of Zemax to model existing optical systems for troubleshooting or predicting various scenarios
  • Prototyping

Working with Jacobian Technologies

  • By the job - let us design a specific optical system to your requirements
  • As part of a project team - we can fill a critical need as an optical resource on a project team
  • As a “virtual” member of your company - for small companies developing products with optical components, partner with Jacobian Technologies for all your optical design requirements. Case in point: From 2004 – 2006, Jacobian partnered with Gerber Legendary Blades, Portland, OR, for optical design of their lighting products (LED, Xenon, Etc). Gerber simply called when it was time to design their next year’s product lines and we worked together to develop the optical designs for integration into their products. Below are a few examples of Jacobian designs for Gerber.

Prior Experience

  • Used CODE V software to design and tolerance all-optical free-space wavelength cross-connect for a leading telecom startup
  • Have used Zemax to model various interferometer setups for prediction and tolerancing of performance
  • Designed high performance projector headlights for marine applications
  • Have used Zemax to design and model schlieren systems and coherent optical processing systems for analysis of striations in glass
  • Modeled custom interferometer system for measuring a large off-axis aspherical mirror
  • Designed a large-aperture telecentric system for gauging diesel catalytic converter substrates
  • Designed illumination optics for outdoor activities, including headlamps, flashlights, utility lights using halogen, Xenon, or LED sources
  • Attended Focus-Software’s “Advanced Optical Design Using Zemax” classes II and III, as well as “Tolerancing Using Zemax”. This class was taught by Ken Moore, president of Focus-Software

A sampling of GerberGear products featuring optics designed by Jacobian Technologies Inc.:

GerberLight        Gerber RX350        Gerber Atmos Cap Light

Optical Metrology Innovation and Automation