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Jacobian Technologies Inc.
4882 Franconia Drive
Summerville, SC 29485-8588

(843) 324-4272 Phone
(866) 324-2008 Fax

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Company Profile
Jacobian Technologies Inc. is owned and operated by David R. Fladd.  We specialize in proving innovative solutions to your optical metrology needs.  We provide solutions to many types of measurement needs, including:

  • Automation of tedious or repetitive measurements by providing multi-part fixtures and software to manage the setup, measurement and reporting
  • Writing software to analyze measurement data
  • Developing new and innovative ways to measure a part attribute or material property
  • Design and prototyping of new measurement systems

Company History
Established in February 2000 by David R. Fladd, Jacobian Technologies began as an optical engineering and consulting firm. This was near the peak of the telecom “bubble”, and optical engineering opportunities were many. Despite the crash of the telecom bubble in 2000 & 2001, Jacobian Technologies has not only survived, but grown each year.  We work with companies of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies such as Corning Inc and Johnson & Johnson.  Many of our projects are with R & D facilities on new product development.

Proprietary Information/Confidentiality Policy
Jacobian Technologies understands the importance of confidentiality and proprietary information. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) will be signed at the customers request and honored with sincerity.

David Fladd’s Profile

Dave Fladd with a 6 lb Flounder

When you contract with Jacobian Technologies, you will be dealing directly with me.  My secret to success in the contracting world is simple, yet hard to find:  honesty and integrity.  I have developed trust with my clients and my client list has grown due to word of mouth over the last 14 years.  I take pride in this as well as providing value to my customers through my work.  Although I am the only employee, I have a network of business associates with complementary skill-sets that allow me to tackle bigger projects when needed.

I’m a proud husband and father.  My wife, Laurie (PhD, Educational Leadership, Clemson) is Associate Dean of Math & Science at Trident Technical College.  I have two sons.  Jacob (17) is a rising senior in high school and is an outstanding soccer goalkeeper who plays at the state and southeast US regional level and is also a top student, and Ian (14) runs cross-country and track for his high school and is also a top student.

In my free time, I am an avid saltwater fisherman and current President of Summerville Saltwater Anglers, a fishing club I co-founded in 2011.  I am also a pole vault coach.  I vaulted in HS (New York State champion 1987, Section V Hall of Fame - class of 2014) and at University of Rochester, where I was team captain and still hold the indoor school record.  If you are ever in the Charleston, SC area, call me and I will take you fishing!

Work History
My foundation in optics began at the University of Rochester, where I earned a degree in Applied Optics in 1991.  After college I went to work for Corning Inc. in Canton, NY where I was technical lead of a world-renowned interferometry lab making measurements of inhomogeneity of fused silica for the microlithography industry.  In 1997, I had the opportunity to move to Charleston, SC to build a new manufacturing plant as part of the organizational development team.  My responsibilities included design and layout of the metrology lab, procurement of equipment, hiring and training of new employees and leadership of a high performance (team-based) work system.  Once the plant was up and running in production,  I decided to leave Corning to pursue my own business in February 2000.


  • 5,422,714 “Device for comparing the refractive indices of an optical immersion liquid and a reference glass.”
  • 5,764,345 “Methods for detecting inhomogeneities, specifically, striae, in fused silica glasses.”
  • 7,307,714 “Apparatus and process for detecting inclusions.”

Published Works

  • “Corning tests for striae in fused silica” - Laser Focus World magazine, August, 1993.
  • “Ultraviolet damage properties of various fused silica materials” - SPIE Conference on Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1994.
  • “Achieving Low Wavefront Specifications for DUV Lithography Impact of Residual Stress in HPFS® Fused Silica” - SPIE’s 26th Annual International Symposium on Microlithography, August 2000.
  • “Automation Meets Interferometry” - Photonics Spectra magazine, August 2001.
  • “Advanced Homogeneity Testing Methods at Corning Inc in Charleston, SC” - OSA Conference – Optics in the Southeast, October, 2001.
  • “New photomask substrate for improved lithography performance” - SPIE Microlithography Conference, March, 2002.

Where does the name “Jacobian” come from?

I get this question a lot!  The business name, Jacobian Technologies, comes from my two son’s first names: Jacob and Ian. However, we pronounce it with a long O sound, ie. rhymes with “utopian”.  You may also run across a jacobian when studying vector calculus…

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