Metrology Instrument Design, Development & Prototyping

With our knowledge of optics, metrology, software development, controls, etc, we are able to provide turn-key metrology equipment to our customers.

This equipment is often created in response to a customer’s need to measure a product attribute. We can consider alternatives, prove the concept, and develop the equipment into a turn-key solution that is often fully-automated.

Quantities can range from one to many.

Because we understand the measurement process and the needs of equipment in a production environment, we take this into account for the entire design, from mechanical design to enclosures to software.

Contact us to discuss your metrology requirements, and we can discuss potential solutions and open a dialog on making a custom instrument to your requirements.

We believe that no other company can create better custom metrology equipment faster or for less cost than Jacobian Technologies.

A sampling of a few past projects:

  • Fully Automated 3D Inspection System (3-Axis [x, y, z,] motorized stages,  motorized telecentric zoom lens, megapixel CCD digital camera, PC with flat panel screen, enclosure with dust control, computer controlled fiber optic illuminator, surface plate, and custom software to fully automate measurement process)
  • Fully Automated Fluorescence Measurement System (1 Axis motorized Z stage, Ocean Optics Spectrometer, light-tight enclosure, custom part holder, fiber optic light delivery, and custom software to fully automate measurement process)
  • Laser Particle Inspection System (Motorized Z stage and Rotary Stage for beam steering, custom laser mount and beam scanning system, optical liquid level sensing equipment, light curtain and other safety interlocks, and custom software for driving laser pointing and measurements)
  • Contact Lens Mold Profiling System (Linear and Rotary Stage, Zygo NewView, custom software, light curtain, programmable vacuum valve, fully automated)
  • LCD Glass Inspection System (Machine vision, multi-camera, head on large x, y gantry system.  Utilized many instruments on measurement head to achieve various functions)
  • LCD Void Detection System (Telecentric microscope on x, y gantry system used to detect voids in a coating)


Optical Metrology Innovation and Automation